Taking Care of You! Spiritual Hygiene for Empaths & Healers

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When there is chaos in the world.  When you are feeling drained.  When your emotions are running high.  When you are feeling out of control.  When there seems to be more demands than the energy your have to give.  When you are tired.  When you are feeling heavy.  When you can’t get to your inner space.  When you are restless and irritated.  Is it really yours?


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Good morning everyone. This is the 360 part. A Quick Note AND DIRECTLY FROM SPIRIT! Many in this community are healers and empaths. I am getting notes from people saying that they are having trouble functioning over the past few days as the energy of these shootings have come into their personal energy space. DO YOUR SPIRITUAL HYGIENE!

It is wonderful if you have friends to help however, you must also have a personal practice.

* take showers and imagine any stagnant energy leaving your body.

* sleep or bathe with your ground tools. Black rocks like obsidian and tourmaline cleanse and clears negative energy.

* Reiki practice of Gasho. (Prayer Hands) Bring in the light of Source and flow through your body and energetic systems.

* Holy Fire Reiki II Masters, re-ignite and cleanse your fields.

* Breathe. As you scan your body if you find any areas of density. EXHALE it out and fill the area with Light.

* Ground. Walk bare foot in the grass. Lay on the ground. Hug a tree.

* Dance or shake your body. This is called spontaneous Qi Gong. It resets the body to parasympathetic and takes you out of “fight or flight” mode.

* Hug a lover. Activates the positive hormones in your body.

* Get off of television and social media feeds. Give yourself an electronic rest.

* Consciously release negative emotions. Do not let these frequencies settle into you. If you have The Soul Inspired Tune Up or The Visionscape System pick a card or a verse intuitively and cleanse. (These are books and a lifestyle system that I authored.)

* Do or create a ceremony to release and clear your space. Bringing Love and affirming life, joy and pleasure. Create a sacred space to affirm your beliefs.

* Do something creative. Write, paint, plant to release your feelings and allow space within yourself to release and flow with your feelings.

That’s all for now. If you have a favorite practice please add it to this feed in the comments section.

Reiki Blessings…..


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