August Reiki Blessings: Sacred Care

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Reiki Blessings August 16a

Today is the day after our Reiki Blessings distant transmission.  It is not unusual to feel the energy to continue to flow through and to you.  Drink water, preferably warm or room temperature.  Rest as you feel required.  Transformative shifts – Healing – often includes some shedding and clearing of items, energy, people or circumstances that are not serving you well.  Give thanks for each release and welcome the shifts, expansion and change.  Your body may be releasing stagnant emotional energy.  Often when things – including your body – are not working optimally – there are emotional ties to effect whatever is occurring in your life, circumstance or body.  Releasing emotions, toxins and things that are not serving you well is a natural part of the process.

Please see your medical doctor if you have symptoms that concern you because some things will not have anything to do with this energy healing session.

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The audio recording for this month’s Reiki Blessing can be found HERE.  This record will be available for a limited time so visit the page soon.

I give thanks to Source for allowing me to be a vessel of Divine Energy for healing and transformation.  Amen, Amen, Amen.

Many, many Reiki Blessings to you.













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  1. PeggyAnn
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    After the session & having been up past my bedtime, so many emotions were being released on a level from my core that greatly concerned me. I fell a sleep in what felt like turmoil and woke up this morning with the warmth of a smile on my face. Thank you Mercedes for this cleansing, healing & the joy I now feel. <3
    Namaste (Deep Bow)

  2. Mercedes Warrick
    | Reply

    Thank you! Please listen to the audio for August The Guidance talks about how lavishing yourself with the Simple Joys can help with some of the erratic energies that are around right now. Love

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