November’s Reiki Blessings




How to participate?
Join The Reiki Experience 360 discussion group or LIKE The Reiki Experience 360 page on Facebook or subscribe to this website: The Reiki Experience 360 website

•Set your intention to tune into the Holy Fire Reiki transmissions on November 1st at 7:00 pm PST. (Las Vegas, NV USA)

Here is a world time clock converter to calculate the session time were you live: You can “tune in” at this time by being in meditation or resting. However, if you are busy, your intention to receive the Holy Fire energy is enough to receive it.
•There is no interactive internet chat or telephone conference. You can interact with other members of the

On The Reiki Experience 360. You can post messages, inspirations, intentions etc. and exchange with other members of the discussion group. During the evening I am present in the group. I will post that I will begin soon. I will post that the transmission is completed.

I will not participate in any comments or discussions. There is no phone calls or internet chats.

What to Expect?

Usually after you set the intention to receive the Holy Fire Reiki energy it is not unusual for you to receive some. So a few days before the actual Reiki Blessings event you may experience a shift or feel loving peaceful energy around you. Some people feel this energy before, some during, some a few days after. Other people may not experience any “feelings” at all. You are unique. Therefore, your experience is unique.

What is Holy Fire Reiki?

Rei is Universal. Ki is Life Force. Reiki is Universal Life Force. There are many different forms of Reiki. The one that I am attuned to and teach is Usui Holy Fire Reiki. The Holy is non denominational. Holy as in Whole or Wholly. This is a spiritual energy that is not affiliated with any organized religious or spiritual group. For a more complete explanation click here to go to the definition of Reiki page on this website.

What Should I “Ask” for?

In my work I describe “healing” as a transformation shift into a desired state or status. My work deals with a range of life events and challenges. Therefore I would encourage you to take a few moments or days to reflect on what you would like to accomplish over the month and focus your intention of your desired outcomes. The heart of the Reiki Experience 360 is Positive Vibes for Positive Outcomes. Focus on your desired positive outcomes for health and wellness, in any or all areas of your life.

Are There Side Effects?

The Holy Fire Reiki energy knows where to flow. It is intelligent energy that is Source. Sometimes a way must be made, a path cleared, or blocked energy becomes unblocked – there is movement. Our circumstances are often connected to our feelings. Therefore at times, not always, there can be releases – emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally. This is a part of the natural flow of the energy, the healing and the transformation.

Spiritual energy work is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Please read the notices and disclaimers. There are no guarantees of outcomes or experiences. This is a spiritual experience and you still have the agency of free will to direct and manifest your life.

How Much Does This Reiki Blessings Event Cost?

There is no fee or cost to you. Please pass the energy forward. Do a kindness for someone. Smile at someone. It is important that we charge the world up with good, healing vibrations. If you would like to invite someone to the Page on FaceBook it is appreciated. Please feel free to share this information.

How do I Express Appreciation Directly to You?

If you would like to express either a financial or testimonial appreciation for Reiki Blessings directly to me, please click here.

What Happens During the Transmission?

Each event is different and the same. The difference is the time and space that we enter. The NOW we are always in the present moment of each month’s Reiki Blessings event. The same is that there is usually some preamble, a teaching or channel – like Enjoy the Simple Joys and then there is a time of silence. The transmission begins from the very first words.

How Long is a Reiki Blessings Event?

Each event is scheduled for one hour. It can be a little shorter or longer. In general 60 minutes.

Can I “Tune In” after the Scheduled Transmission / Event?

It is my intention to record each event. Eventually these will be for sale. Right now there are recordings of the first two Reiki Blessings events under the Blog section of this website: Here is July 2016 event. There is also some information about me on this page as well: July 2016 Reiki Blessings Audio Recording

More Questions?

If you have questions that will enhance your Reiki Blessings experience, please fill out the form below. Every effort will be made to answer them before the event. Thank you.

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  1. Sharon Maurer-Schwartz
    | Reply

    Hi Mercedes. Sharon Maurer-Schwartz here. Just opened your website and started browsing and reading and feeling your wonderful Mercedes energy. Loved the video you did “au natural” in the am upon awakening. It was wonderful to see you as “you” without the frills.

    I am smiling as I am writing you and feeling your presence. I am thinking of finding your FB group. I am focused on a new project and stepping out into the universe as a different me to do what it is that I am here to do. At age 77, I am a slow starter, I am letting myself be in the world with less and less resistance. At the same time I am learning what it is to be 77 and still have things to finish up. So I guess our connection is meant to be.

    Warm healing energy is what you are and I celebrate knowing you and seeing the you that you bring to the world today.

    No website yet for me. I am in the throws of putting one together that reflects what I have to give and what I want to share in this world. Would love to connect and have coffee and just catch up.

    Lots of love, many hugs and much caring and warmth to you. Thanks for all you give to this world. Warmly, Sharon

    • Reiki360
      | Reply

      I love you! Thank you so much. I am very happy that you are here. Let’s talk soon please.
      Reiki Blessing, many, many, many Mercedes

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