The I AM Mind – Meditation CD


Create a conscious sacred window to your state of connection and manifestation.  The I AM Mind takes you through breath, toning and silence into connection with your inner space.  30 minutes.  $12.99 plus shipping.






Soul Inspired Tune-up booklet web image 4-26-11The Soul Inspired Tune Up®

Book:  21 Daily Meditations Loving Me When Success is My Sacred Right

Prayers & Affirmations:

When I Do Not Know I Pray

I AM Divine Magnificence

Chakra Explanations

I AM Grateful & MORE

You renew, energize and elevate your emotional and spiritual frequencies.  Refreshed and reconnected you thrive from your Spiritual Source, an innermost peace and intuitive wisdom. Each action, thought or feeling, wish, dream or desire has an emotional frequency.  Through Love this process aligns with your personal artistry.  You flourish creating new visions, landscapes, solutions and expansiveness.  This is spiritual hygiene through releasing the lower energy “i am’s.” like anger, fear, hurt, lack, afraid, and more. There are 21 meditations, prayers and thought stimulators.

Within each of the 21 meditations there are four phases – Release – Align – Energize – Elevate that takes you through a process of spiritual hygiene.  This is a spiritual lifestyle.  You are strengthened, reinforced and renewed through connection with your Higher Source The Soul Inspired Tune Up leads you through.  Elevate to the Creator frequency of I AM through intention and with love.

This book is especially good for maintaining and uplifting your conviction to be cleansed of negative emotions on a daily basis. The Soul Inspired Tune Up was the way I was able to move through my post traumatic stress disorder into post traumatic spiritual growth.  Cleansing my physical and emotional pain, allowing me to open up to living again, these meditations were a key catalyst.

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Add Travel Size, Pocket Size Booklet of 21 Daily Meditations:  Loving Me When… Success is My Sacred Right

Add 9 Breaths for Conscious Living

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Listen to the FREE orientation to The Soul Inspired Tune Up with I AM Divine Magnificence Meditation







Presented in a carrying case.  This intuitive lifestyle system takes The Soul Inspired Tune Up and makes it a tool for moving you into love aligned living.

*  Blank Cards so that you can make this system your own by writing your favorite affirmations, creating beautiful and meaning filled art.

*  All of the prayers, affirmations from The Soul Inspired Tune Up.

* PLUS the transformation chart for I AM DIVINE MAGNIFIENCE

* PLUS prompts to move you into the Visionscape sequences.

Take your Self into your inner world of imagination and insight.  It is a living tool that you can use everyday to be in love alignment and to design your actions, thoughts and desires from a place of loving intention.

Bring your inner sight, dreams and  intuitive knowing into the here and now through art and words.

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#4775 Warrick9 Breaths for Conscious Living CD

There are five conscious types of breaths taught on this CD then we take 9 breaths to reset, renew, energize and affirm.  I AM Success!  Success is My Sacred Right!

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Loving Me When…Success is My Sacred Right!

Travel Size.  Pocket Size.  The Soul Inspired Tune Up Meditations in a “On the Go!” booklet.

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