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I love my process!  Sometimes it can be a little nerve racking.  However, I wake up each day with what I call the preamble or “The First Thoughts of the Day”  This thought or string of observations is usually an indication of what Spirit has in store for the Channel.  So it is an exercise in Knowing that the presentation is truly special and specific for each and every one of us on that particular day.  Below is the pre – preamble for tonight’s Reiki Blessing.

The main point that is emphasized is to keep your intention simple.  At one point I reduced down my intention to desiring JOY!  There are also some brief examples of how to breath into the Reiki Flow.  Enjoy.  The recording of the Blessings Infusion will be up on June 2nd.

Flowing Positive Vibes for Positive Outcomes!




Rei:  Universal   Ki:  Life Force.

Reiki practitioners have special training and have been attuned to the Reiki Energy Frequency.  There are many forms of Reiki.  The form that I teach and practice is called Holy Fire Reiki II. This form of Reiki does not have a traditional lineage as with other Asian forms because we are attune and go straight to Source energy.  This is an intuitive form of energy transmission.  That’s why we can have a sessions like tonight’s where you are in your home and I am in mine.  It’s Source energy that is flowing and Source – the power of your inner standing – knows how to transform, shift, achieve, acquire, move for you, as you and through you as the highest and best good, the very good for your life.

This form of spiritual healing or transformation is non-denominational.  Therefore we welcome everyone to participate and experience this vital energy that is available and accessible to everyone. I teach Holy Fire Reiki II in the Usui form.  For more information about classes call me: (702) 348-8800. For more information about Reiki visit this page on my website:


To schedule a private class or session visit:  http://mercedeswarrick.com/pay-for-your-session/

Here is the Introduction to the June 1st Reiki Blessing Event

Scroll down for the audio for the June Reiki Blessings event

Rev. Warren


This first Reiki Blessings event is dedicated to Rev. Warren Chester.  He always has an encouraging word.  One Sunday he was delivering the keynote celebration in his spry way.  He said…. “Are you ready…. Can you feel It …. Here it comes!” and he delivered a wave of spiritual energy that I could literally see.  Later when I tried to speak about the experience, as tears were seeping from my eyes.  He hugged me and said, “I know my dear…. It is the Holy Spirit and you have this gift too!”  Thank you Rev. Warren for always encouraging me to be me grandly!

#4775 Warrick


Mercedes Warrick is a spiritual channel, teacher,  healer, author and Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher.  She does private sessions as well as group retreats using a bouquet of life skills, meditation, Reiki, and other healing modalities.  She can be reached at Mercedes@mercedeswarrick.com or (702) 348-8800.

To reserve a session date with Mercedes visit:  http://mercedeswarrick.com/pay-for-your-session/

To practice Infinite Circulation through a love offering visit:http://thereikiexperience360.com/index.php/appreciation-accepted/ 

To learn Reiki and receive information about upcoming classes:  Call (702) 348-8800.


*  Most of the time I am barefoot and on the floor.  No stilettos here!  I like to be as close to the ground as possible.

*  Before my feet hit the ground in the morning I do a series of long inhalations and exhalations to connect with Divine Source Energy.  Then I rest in this space and feel the Holy Spirit rise within me.

* I am enjoying cooking.  I love intimate dinner parties with friends.  I break out the fine china and SURPRISE everyone with my culinary talents.

* I am changing my food life plan which means it can get interesting when I want M&M’s.

*  If I say I am hungry it means, “It is time to eat NOW!”

*  One of the biggest JOYs of my life is my German Shepherd, Bella Qi.  She is the perfect canine companion for me right now.  Loves to ride in the car…. when she is not driving!

*  I KNOW that spiritual energy exists and is available to everyone!  Love is the transformative force.

*  My art soothes my soul.

*  I love being me right now.  To get here, well… it has been a journey!

*  I AM PASSIONATE about this work and YOU!



Available on this page through June 8, 2016

There’s some preamble.  (3:49)  Decorate Each Moment

There’s some teaching.   (17:17)  The Channel  Plant As Many Seeds, As Often As You Want!

There’s some breathing.  (33:54)

There’s some quietude. Flowing the Reiki. (37:12)  Rest in the Waves


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