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Welcome, I am Mercedes Warrick.  Thank you for visiting being here.

Holy Fire Reiki (really any energy, like qi gong and theta) can be sent across huge distances and still be effective.  Think of the energy of your television, radio and internet service via wires or Ethernet.  While there is no wires or plug ins, the Reiki connection on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical is very real.  The Healer (me) can connect into the quantum fields to connect with the client (you).

REIKI:  REI (The Universal Source) and KI (Life Force Energy) flows within everything and everyone.  The energy is intelligent, meaning that it knows where to flow for each person and not any specific direction is required.  Most areas of dis-comfort and dis-ease have an emotional stimulus generating the blockage.  Reiki stimulates the relaxation response which allows your body to heal itself and the situation to be influenced, transformed and shifted.

Distant Energy Transmissions are an affordable way experience Holy Fire Reiki and its benefits. Currently, I offer two distant healing packages. There is no phone calls or internet conferences.  You connect through your intention.  Each transmission is sent out at the appointed time (see below). These are the dedicated times, however, I send out transmissions intermittently throughout the month, so your energy rejuvenation and healing is ongoing throughout the month.

  • deep relaxation
  • comprehensive attention to transformation, shift and change
  • supports the release of emotional blocks and issues
  • assists to increase intuitive understanding and solutions
  • balances and aligns body-mind-spirit connection
  • supports and nurtures healing
  • alleviates stress
  • supports restful sleep
  • supports energy renewal and a sense of well being


Here are the two options for you to choose from:




A one time Reiki Infusion transmission.  These sessions are conducted on Thursday evenings between

7 and 8:00 p.m.  PST (USA) with unscheduled, intermittent  infusions throughout the month as guided.



3, consecutive evening sessions combined with the intermittent infusions throughout

the month.  Conducted on the fourth week of the month.  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

between 7 and 9:00 p.m. PST (USA)




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You actually can go about your daily living.  The best scenario is that you are in a place where you can rest and receive the energy transmission.  It is not unusual for you to begin to feel the energy shifting around you a few days or hours before the scheduled session.  Everyone response to the Reiki energy differently.  You are your own unique experience.  Some people are extremely sensitive.  Other people may not “feel” anything.  Know however, that this Universal Source is flowing and knows exactly where to go.

Sometimes you may experience an emotional release or clearing.  Each organ in your body is connected to an emotion.  The easiest example is your heart and love.  Also, each situation and how you react and respond carries emotion with it.  So releasing emotionally is a possible response.

The focus is bringing balance and harmony to all areas of

  • your mind-body-spirit-soul on all levels of your existence, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental
  • through the energetic fields – your super consciousness, your consciousness and your sub consciousness layers.


  • If you would like to experience a distant Reiki transmission I do a Reiki Blessings session the first day of the month.  Make sure that you have signed up for the newsletter so that you will receive the information for each Reiki Blessings event.
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  • Pay for your Reiki Infusions via the links provide above. Then,
  • You will be included in the very next Reiki Infusion session.
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