Are You Nurturing Something Sacred?

We plant our sacred seeds with the expectation that the seeds will sprout!  In between the planting of the seed (thought) what are you doing to nurture it?  What are you thinking?  Are you preparing for "it's" arrival?  Do you know how to hold the energy and allow the fruit to come. As the Creator of the seed it is now time to let the Laws of Creation activate.  If you don't know what to plant then it is time to till the soil and prepare for the right seed to present itself for planting.


Sit with Mercedes in our sacred space created on-line or via tele-conference.  We will energize and activate through Holy Fire Reiki and nurture you as well as your desire. Three times per month we will sit conscious intention to activate positive vibes for positive outcomes.


The cost is $99.00 for three sessions - in a group setting.  Set your intentions, then experience Mercedes In Channel while transmitting Holy Fire Reiki. Seed Creator, keep a divine space and hold sacred energy for your shift, changes, moves and accomplishments throughout the month.


These sessions are held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. PST  


NOTE:  Due to the nature of this spiritual work there will not be a download of the recording available. The recordings will be posted on a private, password protected page for one week after each session.