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SACRED CARE FOR THE DAY AFTER Close Your Eyes & Feel Your Connection to All Things.  This is the message from Source during yesterday’s Reiki Blessings transmission.  Enjoy the subtle energies that is within each thing you encounter this month.  … Read More

November’s Reiki Blessings

REIKI BLESSINGS   How to participate? •Join The Reiki Experience 360 discussion group or LIKE The Reiki Experience 360 page on Facebook or subscribe to this website: The Reiki Experience 360 website •Set your intention to tune into the Holy … Read More

Basking In Your Simplest Joys – August 1st Reiki Blessings – Event Prep & FAQs

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In Joy Your Joy!  What Are Your Simplest Joys?   Basking in our simplest joys is often forgotten through the noise of everyday living. It is not unusual that I receive a theme or that I begin to attune to … Read More