Discovering Your Inner Intuitive


Welcome and Thank You for being here.  I appreciate you taking your time to consider, review and research me as a potential guide for your Reiki journey.  I believe very deeply that we all have the innate ability to heal ourselves.  Reiki gives us an organized “system” to use.  So what do I mean?  Learning Usui Reiki has methods, class materials and format.  However, If you rub your hands together you will gather, generate and activate your Ki energy.  This energy is often forgotten, we can then direct the energy towards anything that we wish to transform. You have transformative life force within you.  Reiki I is a gentle reminder of this.

My definition of healing is a transformational shift to a state that we desire.  Therefore, we can “heal” many aspects of our lives.  Where we apply energy what we are paying attention too, shifts, changes and transforms.

Reiki energy is intelligent.  It knows where to flow.  Once attuned to it you have boosted your innate gift with the innate nature of the Universe. (Re) Connected to the Divine Essence of Transformation while remembering that we are of that Essence. Make sense?  This energy is not bound by paradigms or organized religion.  It is Universal.  It is Love.

Many of us are healers.  We are taking care of people.  Assisting with their shifts and this looks all kind of ways not just in the more traditional forms of doctors, nurses, care givers and energy practitioners.  Think about it are you a healer?  Who are you helping with living the best way they possibly can through finances, health, life choices, and imparting knowledge and wisdom.  You are….  We all are…. Healers.

Usui Reiki I is important for many reasons:

  • When you are too tired to take care of yourselves you have a way to take care of yourself.  If you left it all (which is not ever recommended) at the office.  You have a way to connect into Source, the Universal All and rev up your energetic reserves.
  • Reiki I is a gentle reminder and remembering of the spirit within you.  Love and peace are often the by-products of a Reiki session.  You will have a way to apply a little loving to yourself.
  • Reiki I will give you a remembering of the healing and transformative force within you and that you are.
  • Reiki I activates the relaxation response within you; therefore, you become clearer and with less stress you can heal and make better choices.
  • Reiki I will give you a loving and gentle way to connect with friends and family creating an overall environment and mindset of transformation and achievement through peace and relaxation.

During this class you will have a Holy Fire Experience.  This is a meditation-like experience where you will be introduced to the Holy Fire energy.  The “Holy” is whole, perfect and complete.  The “Fire” is the intelligent force of the Divine. (My definition and my experience – it know what to burn away and brings forward a path so that newness can rise.)

Here’s a brief outline of your learning experience:

• The origin and history of Reiki

• The nature of Reiki energy, why people get sick and how Reiki heals.

• The Reiki Ideals

• The Human Energy System: Chakras, Meridians, Aura

• The complete hand placement system.

• Gassho meditation

• Holy Fire Experiences

• Usui Reiki Level 1 Attunements called Placements

My gift is that I am a spiritual intuitive, channel and healer.  Reiki was the first energy modality that I was exposed to after some life shifting trauma.  It allowed me to reconnect at all levels physically-mentally-emotionally-spiritually. The gentle remember that I could meld into my Divine Source and rest has changed my perspective on how I empower my life.

I would be honored to be your mentor as you re-acquaint to inner intuitive gifts and natural healing power through Usui Reiki Level I.

Just for Today….

 I will not anger ~ I will not worry ~ I will be grateful for my blessings ~ I will be kind to all living things.

Reiki Blessings




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