Usui Reiki Level II

Discovering the Practical Wisdom & Applications
yinyang[1]While in Level I we are getting acquainted with the natural and spiritual connections within us, in Level II we begin to understand that we are truly powerful conduits for this infinite and intelligent energy!  In Usui Reiki Level II we are learning techniques and receive three (3) symbols that are our tools to purposefully shift, clear and cleanse —- activate, energize and rejuvenate —  our energetic fields and their influences on our lives.
Our deepening understanding of the subtle energy fields allows us to become comfortable with flowing Reiki for purposeful change.  The first symbol that you will receive is the Power Symbol.  It is like a turbo charger to amp up Reiki to transform and shift.  The second symbol assists with mental / emotional shifts, while the third symbol allows Reiki to flow over remote distances so that you do not require the person (or their circumstance) to be directly in front of you to work with them. Here is an outline of the skills and techniques you will learn:

• Reiki II symbols: How to draw, activate and use each symbol (3)

• Byosen Scanning: Using your Reiki activated hands to locate energy stagnation and then release, balance and harmonize.

• Reiji-Ho: Using inner guidance to know how and where to treat.

• How to see Auras and Past Lives

• Sending Reiki at a distance and Gyoshi-ho: sending Reiki with your eyes.

• Holy Fire Experiences

• Usui Reiki Level II Attunements (Placements)


During this class time you will participate in giving and receiving Reiki utilizing your new boosted sensitivity.  You will also receive an Holy Fire Experience to further support you in this new collaboration.

If you have any questions about this learning process….. LET’s Talk!

Thank you for your consideration.

Reiki Blessings




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